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Designed to offer the best experience in terms of Comfort, Energy Savings, and Aesthetics. SuperCool Solar Control Series are customized to meet your needs.
Hi Performance
SuperCool Solar Control series ensures the highest level of protection in terms of overall rejection within full heat generating bandwidth in the solar spectrum relative to preferred sunlight penetration.
Quality assurance means that each roll of films produced for a particular product series, will be of consistent colour, stable test results and reliable adhesive, seamless look, optimum protection.
We are confident of providing our valued customers with a long warranty – demonstrating our confidence in our products. Our films utilize the latest technological advances in film manufacturing.
Retaining clarity is good for aesthetics. SuperCool solar control series offers outstanding optical clear products with high luminous efficacy to allow maximum sunlight with low reflectivity.

What We Offer

SUPERCOOL SS 8000 Series solar film uses the latest sputtering technology to construct an ultra-optical clarity polyester film to achieve the highest spectrally selective result. Spectrally selective refers to reflecting specific wavelengths of the solar spectrum (particularly infra-red heat portion), while maintaining a high visible light transmission. This creates a sophisticated product that is capable of significantly reducing the heat build-up in the interior by consistently resisting heat absorption. Even though this range of solar films is manufactured by depositing 12 layers of precious metals using the cutting-edge multi-layer sputtering technology to achieve superior heat control, the neutral appearances of non-reflectivity are not compromised.

Models Available

SS 8040 • SS 8070 • SS 8825* • SS 8835* • SS 8865*

* 3mil thickness for enhanced safety performance

SUPERCOOL SC 7000 Series solar films is the highest range of non-reflective solar control film products that uses different types of ceramic materials, such as carbon, on Nano technology to achieve a capability of rejecting InfraRed rays at a maximum of up to 99%. This series of superior quality polyester films which are high in hardness, can block away Total Solar Energy by up to 82% (SC 7010). Non-metallized inorganic components are used in the manufacturing of this series and thus eliminate the possibility of oxidation. Consistent heat rejection and colour stability throughout the life-span are the main concern when producing this series.

Models Available
SC 7010 • SC 7020 • SC 7040 • SC 7055 • SC 7070

SUPERCOOL SC 6000 Series solar films are specially designed to achieve the capability of blocking a maximum 100% Ultra-violet (UV) light at 400nm wavelength. This band of UV, normally referred to as UV-A, is considered the most harmful radiation. It constitutes majority of UV rays that reach the Earth, and is can penetrate deep into the human skin’s layers that may result in harmful effects on the skin, eye and immune system. Constructed using nano-ceramic technology together with inorganic materials, this series of solar films combines optimum heat rejection, eliminates discolouration probability, and creates a non-reflectivity outlook.

Models Available

SC 6005 • SC 6020 • SC 6035 • SC 6065

SUPERCOOL SN 5000 Series solar films are manufactured using Electron Beam Evaporation technology with the main component nickel, to create a high corrosion-resistant product, while at the same time, capable of excellent heat rejection coupled with beautiful aesthetics. The SN 5000 Series is constructed using 2 ply of polyester but the darker shades, SN 5005 and SN 5010, are made using 3 ply of polyester. Though having double layers of metallization, the SN 5000 Series are created with low reflectivity while giving maximum heat rejection of up to 80% Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER).

Models Available

SN 5005 • SN 5010 • SN 5020 • SN 5030 • SN 5040

SUPERCOOL SR 4000 Series is our only selection of solar film series with two unique ranges of high quality products.

The infusion hybrid models made use of the colour stable capability of carbon minerals to combine with a layer of aluminium on the exterior, to optimise the heat rejection level while creating a non-reflective outlook.

Models Available

SR 4010 • SR 4025

The reflective range comes in single-way mirror reflective and dual-way mirror reflective. Though using high level of metallized elements to create the silver reflective outlook, and achieving high heat rejection, this category of films does not compromise on early oxidation possibility. The SR 4000 Series is also used by many home-owners to achieve daytime privacy, and interior decorative effects.

Models Available

SR 4005 SB • SR 4005 SG • SR 4020 SS • SR 4035 SS • SR 4050 SS • SR 4010 GS • SR 4010 RS

SUPERCOOL SE 3000 Series is a new innovation that uses the nano-infusion technology to manufacture high performance non-reflective solar films. This manufacturing process combines the polyester resin, ceramic minerals, and other required materials through the infusing method. Exploring cost-effectiveness, optimum heat rejection and discolouration prevention, the SE 3000 Series gives home-owners the best of everything solar films has to offer.

Models Available

SE 3010 • SE 3020 • SE 3035 • SE 3060 • SE 3070

SUPERCOOL SE 2000 Series uses one of the most advanced manufacturing methods to create high performance solar control films, with inorganic ceramic compounds and sputtering technology. It takes advantage of the combined benefits of ceramic and sputtering process to create a high heat rejection capability, superior optical clarity and low reflective aesthetics.

Models Available

SE 2010 • SE 2020 • SE 2035 • SE 2050 • SE 2070

SUPERCOOL SE 1000 Series is the entry-level solar film series that is most suitable to achieve basic requirements that a home owner needs, in order to protect against discomfort and damages caused by the sun. Refining the traditional dyed/dyed-metallized manufacturing methods using infusion technology, this range of solar films will be able to withstand longer periods of sun exposure.

Models Available

SE 1005 RB • SE 1010 • SE 1020 • SE 1030 • SE 1040 • SE 1050